Friday, February 1, 2008

Miami Realtor Being Sued by Developer

Condos by vgm8383

A Miami Realtor is being sued by a Miami condo developer for the tidy sum of $25 million, over comments the Realtor made on his blog about the developer "filing for bankruptcy in the '80's and his current condo project possibly being in trouble."

From what I've read about people being sued over comments made on their blogs, the Realtor should be o.k. However, the broker he was working for terminated him, as they are also named as defendants in the lawsuit.

I understand their reasoning behind this, but this quote the brokerage gave to the Miami Herald irks me a bit:

"We want to encourage associates to be a positive source of information,''
Does that mean they just want their associates to talk to the public about the "rosy" side of the picture and just brush the bad stuff under a rug? Licensed real estate agents in Florida have a duty to fully disclose "all known facts" to clients. Are they asking their agents to neglect that duty a bit?