Wednesday, February 28, 2007

"I'll even throw in the horses"

Maybe it really is a great time to buy a, I According to this article, there is a huge supply of unsold homes, prices are coming down, and one lady will even throw in her horses!
The News-Press: Real Estate

Thursday, February 22, 2007

More on the possible tax revolution in Florida

Details and commentary of the Florida Legislatures Property Tax proposals can be found here:
Tax revolution in Tallahassee - Orlando Sentinel : State News Tax revolution in Tallahassee - Orlando Sentinel : State News

Whoever said 2007 would be a boring year in Florida never saw this coming.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

No more Property Taxes in Florida?

Republicans in the Florida Legislature are proposing eliminating the property tax, and raising the state sales tax to make up the difference.
Read: | 02/21/2007 | Tax switch could bring relief, pain

Friday, February 16, 2007

Potentially bad news for Charlie Christ (and Florida property owners)

I previously posted about Governor Christ's plan to make Florida's property tax cap portable. Now it looks like this plan may run into some trouble.
Report doubts legality of property tax portability - South Florida Business Journal:

Good deals to be had in Nevada?

Good news for boomers thinking of moving to Vegas or other parts of Nevada. Sounds like there might be some great deals right now and for the foreseeable future.
Nevada Shows Biggest Drop in National Housing Slump - KRNV-TV -

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Florida Homeowner's Insurance Update

97.8% of you heading this way are concerned about Florida's Property Insurance "crisis". Here's the latest update:

In January 2007 Florida legislators passed a bill that could lower property insurance premiums and bring other insurance relief to millions of property owners. Among the highlights of the 167-page bill are means to lower rates for homeowners by allowing owners to exclude windstorm and contents coverage, allowing owners to choose higher deductibles so that their premiums will be lower, removing the requirement that Citizen’s charge the highest premiums, and allowing non-homesteaded properties to be eligible for Citizen’s.
In order to further protect policyholders, the bill requires insurance companies to give 100 days notice of their intent to cancel a homeowner’s policy that would be effective during hurricane season, requires insurance companies to expedite payments of claims after storms, and prohibits excess profits by insurers.
The bill also makes an effort to expand the property insurance market in Florida by requiring insurance companies that write homeowners policies in other states and auto insurance policies in Florida, to write homeowners policies in Florida.
Insurance companies lobbied heavily against this bill, and there are fears of companies pulling out of Florida altogether. Just like the property tax issue, it’s a matter of “wait and see” before we can determine the effects of this legislation.

Read More:
Governor Christ Press Release

Insurance Companies Response

Sunday, February 11, 2007

East Texas for Retirement

Saw this article about East Texas' push to lure more baby boomers to the area. Like Florida, Texas has no state income tax, which will be very appealing to most baby boomers.

Read the full article:

Saturday, February 10, 2007

BOTMblog @ IBS Part 2

The other day I told you about the Baby Boomer concept home at the International Builders' Show in Orlando, FL. Today I want to share with you one of the many new and impressive products available to you that you may want to consider using in your new home.
The product is called Smart Vent and you can read more about it at It looks like a pretty impressive product, and the company claims that you can save money on your insurance by installing these vents on your home.

From their website...
"Smart Vents Are Code Compliant, FEMA accepted and ICC Certified
That's why hundreds of homeowners across the country are realizing huge savings on their NFIP insurance premiums after they install SMART VENTS in their homes to bring them into compliance.No one can stop the deadly forces of nature, but for anyone living in a flood prone area, this is one easy way to save money on flood insurance, and buy yourself some peace of mind.

Here's How it works:

Flood Protection:The Smart VENT® door is latched closed until flood water enters. Entering flood water lifts the patented internal floats which unlatches and rotates the door open. This allows the flood water to automatically enter and exit through the frame opening, relieving the pressure from your foundation walls.

Ventilation: A bimetal coil (like a thermostat, no electricity is needed) automatically opens and closes the ventilation louvers as temperature changes. They will be closed when it is freezing outside and open when it is warm outside to provide natural ventilation.

Important note:SmartVENT® does not rely on the louvers to let flood water in and out. Regardless of the louvers' position, opened or closed, when flood water flows into the door, the internal floats release the door to rotate open to relieve the hydrostatic pressure. The louvers and pest screen are rotated out of the path of the flood water. The temperature controlled louvers are for ventilation purposes only. "

Friday, February 9, 2007

Baby Boomer Home @ International Builders' Show (IBS)

BOTMblog visited the 2007 International Builders' Show in Orlando yesterday. Over the next few days I'll be bringing you the highlights of the show, products that you may want to incorporate into your new retirement or second home.

But today, I want to share with you the IBS Show Village "Baby Boomer" home, built by Nationwide Custom Homes.

From the show brochure:" About 78 million Baby Boomers looking for value along with luxury, space and comfort may find it the the likes of this home by Nationwide Custom Homes. This 4,568 Square foot beauty showcases a first-floor master suite with double spa tub and a second-floor family space built around a game room, office and home theater."

Looking at it, and even standing in it, you'd never guess that this was a modular home built primarily in a factory and assembled on site. It was very impressive.

I'll add interior pictures to this post when they are available. For more info:

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Where the hottest retirement spots are has just released a special report titled: "Where the hottest retirement spots are".
Number 1? Gardnerville Ranchos, Nevada.
Full Story:
Where the hottest retirement spots are --

Florida Real Estate Taxes: Help on the way?

Boomers who are thinking of moving to Florida but have hesitated because of the rising price of property and subsequently the higher real estate taxes, may get some much needed relief soon. Governor Charlie Christ recently announced several proposals for Florida property tax reform. Among them:

• Doubling the Homestead Exemption from $25,000 to $50,000.
• Make the Save Our Homes cap portable statewide, meaning that Florida homeowners can take their current tax rate with them when they move.
• Place a cap on property taxes for businesses and landlords of the lesser of three percent or the rate of inflation. This is similar to how the Save Our Homes legislation currently protects homeowners.
• Exempting small businesses from tangible personal property taxes.

Most impacted by these proposals are local governments who would have to trim the fat and possibly a whole lot more from their budgets because of a lower property tax increase each year. Their budget will still grow, just not any faster than three percent per year. For some local governments this may not be enough to keep up with rapid growth.
We will all have to stay tuned to see whether Florida voters approve these proposals in a special election in 2007. Then, it will probably take a couple of years before we are able to determine how exactly these measures are impacting Florida property owners and local governments.

You can keep your eye on major developments of this issue by visiting the “Florida Resources” page at

Read more: Crist calls for sweeping property tax changes