Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What will the real estate market do in '08? Who can you trust?

I'm skeptical when I hear that all of a sudden, despite credit and mortgage woes galore, that the housing market is all of a sudden going to get better in 2008. Especially when the folks preaching this info. are "in the biz".

Believe me, I want it to get better too. But pretending like it will get better is about as good as praying for it to happen.

I ran in to this article today in the Herald Tribune (Southwest Florida) about a report saying that New Home sales have reached a bottom. Thankfully, the report is from a researcher at the University of Florida, and not from the Association of Realtors or the Home Builders.

So, hopefully we can trust this report without being too skeptical. While it certainly isn't exceptionally cheery (sales sales will be flat for the next year, but not declining), it isn't the worst news one could receive if they've got Florida real estate on the brain.