Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Spot the bad neighbors before you buy in a retirement community

The saying has always been..."You can pick your house, but you can't pick your neighbors." Well not anymore.

A new real estate search site has emerged and you can find it at rottenneighbors.com

You start by entering either the name of a city, and exact address or street name, even a zip code, then hit search and you'll be shown a google maps mashup with reports of "bad neighbors" in the area you searched for.

I did a quick search of a couple areas, and most had little to no activity yet, but where there were complaints they were often pretty amusing. You'll have the best luck in and around bigger cities.

But as more and more people find out about the site, it might become another important information site for those wanting to get the lowdown on a retirement community before they buy.